With both of my parents out of the house, there seems like there is not much to do.  Of course you would first gravitate towards the t.v.

But really, how many comercials can a girl take. 


Then, you may see the messy kitchen and start to clean.(Or maybe that’s  just me)


Then, you could decide to call your boyfriend just to say, “I just wanted to tell you that I was thinking about you, and I love you.”  But, he is busy so the phone call lasts less than 2 minutes.


You could also run upstairs and grab your new nail polish and decide to add a little glitter.


 By ten o’clock at night you have been sitting on the computer for the past 5 hours, while National Treasure is on in the next room.


 Although this may seem like a relaxing and chill day, It was not. Today was not fun at all.. 

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