Summer ♥

Summer is a start to many things, in my case, a new project and a better work ethic.

I recently started the 365 day challenge, so far I am on day 4.


Day 1.) I had just started to test out my webcam, and decided that I’ve been wanting to do the 365 day challenge for a while, why not start now 🙂    (6-2310)


Day 2.) One of my old friends, Lauren, came over to spend the night. We spent the whole time watching romantic comedies.  (6-24-10)


Day 3.) I was playing with my hair and decided to make a braid, right at the top of my head. It looked silly, so I wrapped it around my head.  It turned out cute 😉   (6-25-10)


Day 4.) I am showing off my new promise ring that my boyfriend, Josiah, bought me.  :))    (6-26-10)


On July 2nd, I will be traveling to Washington D.C., I am staying with my realitives.  There has always been something about D.C. that facinates me.  I don’t know whether it is the beauty or the history which captivates me.  I was most inspired while at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, where my 8th grade teacher said to me, “Do you realize that you are standing in the exact spot the Martin Luther King did when he said his “I Have a Dream” speech?  The crowd stopped there.”  This made me appreciate the beauty of this city, and how much wonder it gave me.


On August 2nd, my family and I are traveling to Syracuse, New York to visit realitives. I am super stoked for that too.  I believe that we may be going to the Thousand Islands, and if we do, I would like to see the Boldt Castle. It’s a castle that a man built for his fiance’ but, she died of pnemonia before the construction was ever finished.  He stopped all construction, and left the island of which it was built upon, some may even say that the island was in the shape of a heart. ♥

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