My Dreams.

Doesn’t it annoy you when you are trying to get something done but, you keep getting distracted.

So I want to do many things in my life but, as of now here is my list:



1) Finish my World History class (I am 6 months behind pace.)

-Step 1. Finish taking my notes for my Second Semester

-Step 2. Take the final exam for World History

-Step 3. Wait for Mr. Seng to email and tell me that I’ve completed the course.



2) Get a Car

-Step 1. Wait for court to approve the money

-Step 2.  Find a car worth buying (perticularly a VW Beetle)

-Step 3.  Buy the car, and drive it home

-Step 4.  Get liscense plate 



3) Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Step 1.  See how much tickets cost

Step 2.  Decide who I would like to join me

Step 3.  Enjoy doing something i’ve always dreamed of doing.

Step 4.  Take tons of pictures.




4) Excel in my Junior year of high school.

-Steps 1-100.  Study. Study. Study. 






5) Do more of the things I want to do,  disregarding what people will think of me.

Step 1.  Do everything on a whim, If you feel it is right, do it!




6) Read more, I don’t necessarily enjoy it most of the time, but it is good for me.

Step 1.  Starting with my summer reading.






7) Be proud of myself, and have Josiah and my mom be proud of me.


8.) Graduate High School


9) Get into a college


10)  Move out with Josiah McKelvey

Step 1. Start saving the money now, it will be better in the long run

Step 2.  Wait until Josiah is 18 also.



11) Travel to Thailand with my family.

Step 1. Get a passport, If I don’t already have one by then. 

Step 2.  Take millions and millions of pictures to treasure for a lifetime.





12) Travel to Australia with my cousins, Vanessa and Brittany.

Step 1.  Make sure that Vanessa is okay with it.

Step 2.  Get a passport, if I don’t already have one by then.

Step 3.  Take millions and millions and millions of pictures to last a lifetime.



13)  Finish college


14)  Get married ♥

Step 1.  Get engaged.







15)  Start a family, including a kitten (black with white paws)

Step 1.  Know when I am ready to start a family

Step 2.  Get pregnant

Step 3.  Enjoy a lifetime of happiness.



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