More Summer Days.

Day 17

I ate the whole box of Crunch ‘n Munch by myself.  I’m sure it wasn’t healthy, but it sure was good!

The bottle was halfway full, so I just decided to keep it close the whole day.  Canada Dry is still good even if you don’t have a tummy ache.

Just in case you are unable to read this, ” I just wanted to let the whole world know how much I love Josiah James McKelvey. He is the handsomest, cutest, funniest, nicest, sweetest, most loving boyfriend in the entire world and I don’t deserve him.” All said from the top of my drawing of the Eiffel Tower.

Day 18.

I had spent 8 hours working and taking notes on my newly started online Biology class. I stopped when I was learning about graphs and charts I’ve known about since 2nd grade.

Josiah’s aunt had uploaded these pictures of their fishing trip onto Facebook, and I couldn’t help but to save them.

Day 19.

Outside my house, watching my dog run the streets enjoying the fresh air.

With my dog, Precious. After playing Just Dance on my Wii.

My friend wanted me to post a random picture of something. So I did.

Right after I posted this on Facebook, my mom said, ” Taylar, you spelt weirdo wrong.”

Just more pictures of me which makes me look conceited.

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